Our Values

Good Citizenship

We are genuine and proactive in our pursuit to improve our environment and communities. Every decision we make keeps this in mind.

Pursue Excellence
We hold ourselves to the standards of future generations and never accept ‘good enough.’ We learn from our mistakes and meet our commitments.

Take Ownership and Be Accountable
We step forward when we see a problem and are accountable for our actions.

Resilience and Courage
We remain resilient in the face of adversity. We have courage.

Respect and Integrity
We are honest and dependable. We do the right thing even when it’s inconvenient.

Collaborate and Empower
We foster a culture of collaboration inside and outside of our business. A win-win solution is always preferred.

We’re proud to hold a B Corp certification.

Our B Corp certification recognises our dedication to maintaining the highest levels of social and environmental performance.

It recognises the measures we take to ensure our operations and business model positively impact our people, the communities in which we work, the environment, and our customers.

We’re proud to hold B Corp certification, confirming that our business is meeting the highest standards of verified performance in all the areas that matter most.

You can find out more on our sustainability initiatives here.

We believe companies who can do more, should.

There is a strong feeling within our organisation that as people who work directly on Country, we have a responsibility to meaningfully commit to Reconciliation. As a relatively new organisation, it’s important for us to build these relationships as we begin our business journey, and the Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) will provide a pathway to ensure impact and sustainability as we put these foundations in place. For more information, please visit Reconciliation Australia’s website https://www.reconciliation.org.au/


View Hesperia’s RAP Report here.