Revamp a Cocky Nest Project

After contributing to Birdlife Australia’s successful ‘Adopt a Cocky Nest’ campaign last year, Hesperia is pleased to share it will support the next phase of the campaign, ‘Revamp a Cocky Nest’.

Hesperia’s relationship with Birdlife Australia began in 2019 after recognising the threats impacting on the Carnaby’s, Baudin’s and Forest Red-Tailed Black-Cockatoo species in Western Australia.

This year, Hesperia will contribute to the refurbishment and maintenance of existing artificial hollows, the installation of a permanent watering point, the black cockatoo nesting site yearly survey and ongoing monitoring with the “Cocky Cam” telescopic pole and camera.

Hesperia Managing Director Ben Lisle is pleased to extend the partnership with Birdlife Australia.

“After seeing the positive results last year, we are driven to continue supporting Birdlife Australia to increase the population of Western Australia’s threatened black cockatoos.”

Hesperia’s efforts last year helped fund 39 artificial nesting boxes installed in the Perth metropolitan area, contributing to one of the most successful Carnaby’s Black-Cockatoo breeding season on record.

“As a Certified B Corporation, we believe Hesperia has a responsibility to help preserve Western Australian flora and fauna, and set a standard for other companies to follow,” Ben said.

Birdlife’s Black Cockatoo Project Officer, Merryn Pryor stated “we’re pleased that Hesperia recognises the importance of WA’s threatened black cockatoos and we’re grateful to have their support.”

Hesperia is committed to building its partnership with Birdlife Australia to help protect black cockatoo species and sustain improved breeding seasons.

If you would like to be a part of Birdlife Australia’s cause, visit the Revamp a Cocky Nest website.