Paving the way forward for a greener future

First published in AIgroup Entrepreneurs Programme June 2022

Our customer
Hesperia was founded by two of Western Australia’s most experienced property developers and now operates across a diverse range of disciplines such as commercial, industrial, residential, retail hospitality and sustainability projects. When Hesperia joined the Entrepreneurs Programme, they knew they wanted to keep moving towards a greener future.

Challenges faced
For as long as human beings have existed, we have needed shelter. Fast forward to 2022 and the construction industry, responsible for providing us with the homes we live in and the places we go to work, shop, and play in, have without a doubt, taken a fair toll on our environment due to its use of raw materials and energy. Thankfully, the strong push towards green building projects is growing and one such company making giant leaps in this direction is Hesperia.

“We see being accepted into this program as an important endorsement to our strategy. The access to a wider network of experts and firms looking for NetZero has enormous value.” Mark Taylor, Sustainability Manager

How we helped
When Hesperia heard about Ausindustry Entrepreneurs’ Programme and the Business Decarbonisation Pathways, working toward Net Zero SMART Supply Chain Project, they swiftly stepped onboard. This government funded project aimed to assist SMEs to future proof their businesses by identifying pathways to becoming net zero certified. By participating in the programme Hesperia gained access to local net zero experts and low-carbon technology providers. Growth Facilitator, Tracey McClurg met with Hesperia to understand their journey to date and how to help build upon their present capabilities.

Hesperia was making major headway to its Net Zero approach, and, in fact- industry leading- having recently won the Banksia Net Zero Action award 2022 due to its lifecycle NetZero approach on all projects and objectives around waste and resource consumption in day-to-day operations and projects.
Through the SMART Supply Chain project, the business was also eligible for a matched grant of $20,000 to assist with implementing an integrated digital platform that would help the business monitor progress, gain actionable insights from dependable sustainability data, and provide robust auditable ESG reporting metrics.