Proud to be Western Australian

We care deeply about our state and believe our projects must deliver the best possible outcomes for our community and the environment.

Recognising the uniqueness of the Western Australian landscape and the need to evolve alongside our growing community, our projects aim to achieve best practice in urban design and sustainability. In doing this, we work towards solving the problems of our time so that future generations will have a better quality of life.

This perspective drives our focus on delivering places of enduring value, unlocking potential in place.

We are dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of social and environmental performance.

As Western Australia’s first property group to become a certified B Corp, we ensure our operations and business model positively impact the environment, our people, communities and customers.

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We believe the future of the property industry must have a strong focus on environmental sustainability and we intend to be leaders in making this happen.

We understand that the community, including our staff, expect us to deliver on sustainability and are on a journey to zero carbon, along with delivering on renewable energy, recycling, and carbon farming.

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As a business committed to shaping the future of our city, we seek to give back in a range of meaningful ways.

Individually and as a collective, we actively target and contribute time, skills and funding to our community through a range of initiatives across Education, Indigenous, Health, Community Arts & Culture and Environment.

We believe that companies that can do more, should.

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