Hesperia taking part in Plastic Free July for a third year

At Hesperia, we are taking steps to help end plastic pollution by participating in Plastic Free July for a third consecutive year.

The Green Team at Hesperia recently hosted a session for staff, presented by the founder of Plastic Free July – Rebecca Prince-Ruiz OAM.

Rebecca talked about her journey to rid the world of 300 million kgs of plastic pollution each year and how we can work together to make a difference.

Inspired by Rebecca’s insights, staff members at Hesperia are participating in Plastic Free July by pledging two small changes to reduce plastic pollution this month – swapping out the disposable coffee cup with their own reusable coffee cup and saying ‘no thanks’ to disposable cutlery and plastic bags.

Staff are also looking at what they can do at home with their families. They are going clingwrap free and avoiding single-use products to reduce their contribution to land fill. One family is reducing the number of plastic toys in their household by requesting children’s birthday gifts are sustainable – either made, found or regifted.

Hesperia has also teamed up with two Australian companies, Tirtyl and Pleasant State to allow staff to try their range of zero-plastic cleaning and personal care products.