Fini Group and Linc merge to form Hesperia

Adrian Fini and Ben Lisle have merged their operations Fini Group and Linc Property under the name Hesperia – a new entity with almost $1 billion of projects under development and a busy pipeline of future opportunities.
The merger follows the two organisations working together and investing in each other’s projects for almost 15 years, as well as operating from common premises in Subiaco.
Hesperia means ‘western land’ and reflects the new entity’s Western Australian heritage.
Hesperia’s major projects will include the Murdoch Health and Knowledge Precinct, redevelopment of the Leederville Hotel site into a new headquarters for ABN Group, and major industrial projects including Roe Highway Logistics Park and Tonkin Hwy Industrial Park.
Mr Fini said Hesperia aspired to be Western Australia’s leading local urban regeneration expert, with a focus on projects that provided communities with lasting social and environmental benefits.
“We have a cultural objective and we have a civic objective in our business model. In whatever we deliver, we have always had that attitude,” he said.
“We care deeply about Western Australia and creating places of real value. Underpinning all our work is the pursuit of sustainable, intelligent design that respects and celebrates our heritage.”
Hesperia will operate across property classes including commercial, industrial, residential, retail and hospitality, drawing on the strengths of its founders.
“[Linc has] particular strength…around land planning and approvals. We’ve been able to drive through complex land re-zonings in very short periods of time and dealt with environmental and contamination issues,” Mr Lisle said.
“Adrian’s team have been extremely strong on place making and built form but there are people on his team who have done a lot of residential sub-divisions.
“Together we play best in things that are complex, where we can add value.”
Mr Fini and Mr Lisle will act as directors of Hesperia and will be joined in the senior leadership team by Kyle Jeavons, Rowan Clarke and Judd Dyer.